My Nigerian Hustle

Your business needs support, and this blog is dedicated to providing the support you need to grow and succeed in your business. Allow it to tell your story.

The SME sector is believed to be the future of the Nigerian economy, and that sector includes your small hustle in whatever corner of the country you are in. It adds to the forming mosaic of a successful nation built by the little efforts of millions of people. That effort is what the Workers’ Day celebration was all about, and it is what we want to celebrate and nurture with My Nigerian Hustle: Your story told to the world and your business promoted through the extensive engagement channels of Guaranty Trust Bank.

Nigeria has well over 50% of her population below the age of 40, and this tells the story of a vast pool of brilliant and energetic young people doing different kinds of businesses and breaking new grounds. Whereas in many countries of the world you have to slap nations together to arrive at a sizable market, with Nigeria you have over 190 million people under one roof to sell to. What a market!

Rightly termed a “developing” country, Nigeria is a place where many pathways of human endeavour have still not been toured. It is like a huge blank canvas set before an energetic painter on which she or he can paint anything. This makes Nigeria one of the best places on earth to do business today. There have always been challenges, but there have also been remarkable models of success, and yours is about to be one of them. In spite of the challenges, the perennial values of discipline, hard work and integrity are always guaranteed to stir a business (or any of life’s endeavours for that matter) in the right direction.

For the things that hinder the growth of small businesses in Nigeria today, there are many that promote it. There is the internet, social media… a global interaction hub that has reduced the structural costs of setting up and running small businesses. As a result, many small businesses have continued to spring up without the hindrances of premises and other defined logistics. Such businesses (like yours) need support, and this blog is dedicated to providing the support your business needs to grow and succeed. Allow it to tell your story.

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