Summer Goals for Your Child

Summer is the best time for kids to revitalize from school work and explore other aspects of learning, meet new friends, acquire new skills and discover new talents.

Wondering what to do with your kids this summer? We’ve got that sorted out.

Asides sending your kids to your parent’s or relative’s place, summer school seems like an easy option if you don’t want them to get bored at home. But isn’t that too regular?

Summer is the best time for kids to revitalize from school work and explore other aspects of learning, meet new friends, acquire new skills and discover new talents.

How about giving your child a summer to remember? Let your family set summer goals for others to follow.

Here are 10 Best Ideas to give your kid a memorable summer

  1. Create a summer activity plan

This is the first step to having a fun summer. Have a chat with your child, inquiring what they would love to do and learn. Sieve out the irrelevant thoughts and build on the ideas that are obtainable within the duration of the holiday. Write each idea on an adhesive paper and stick to the scheduled date on a calendar or on the fridge

  1. Skill acquisition

Enroll your child in a training class that teaches any of the things they want to learn. It could be a coding class, karate class, guitar lesson, sewing, baking, skating, or language class. No knowledge is a waste.

  1. Parent/Child Day-out

Take your child to somewhere they have never been to. It could be an open park, a classic restaurant, an abattoir or a beach. It should be a place that gives the child a view of the opposite life they are not used to. The memories created will surely outlive the holidays.

  1. Let your child update you

Give your child the task to hint you about the latest news around the world. Depending on the age of the child, you could limit it to politics, sports and current affairs. This means your child should read different books, newspapers and also watch the news on a daily basis. Relax and listen to your child tell you news stories from their own view.

  1. Friend’s Day

Pick a day of the week where your child meets with other children either at your home, their friend’s. Picnic at your yard or in a park, a kid-friendly movie time at home, storytelling, painting, etc. are ideas you can work around and won’t cost you.

  1. Language Drill

Majority of the modern day Nigerian child barely knows their local dialect. Teach your kids your mother tongue and tag a day ‘Dialect Day,’ where everyone communicates in your dialect only. Any child who faults gets a harmless punishment.

  1. DIY Day

Children love to act like adults and take pleasure when they are giving certain responsibilities. Pick a weekend to teach your kids some Do-It-Yourself tips so they don’t have to pay for everything. Get various materials to suit the things you want them to create. Also get them to learn basic cooking skills and how to make pastries and quick meals. DIY day also means the child gets to lay the bed, park their toys and tidy their rooms themselves.

  1. Funtainment

Spice up your child’s summer with hosting a house party where their friends and parents are invited. Explore various kinds of games [cards, board, puzzle, etc.], dance competition, ‘how well you know you family quiz,’ debate session, and more. Let your party suit your circle of family friends.

  1. Map out creative time for your child

Give your child at least one hour per day to think and come up with reasonable ideas. Help the kids create and decorate their own notepad which would be used to write about their summer experiences. At the end of each week, your child should write a summary of the week, things learnt, etc. and expectation for the next week.

  1. Plant a tree

Teach your child the natural law of sowing and reaping in connection with saving and investing. Get your child to plant a seed and see how they water and care for it. Build your own story around how seeds grow and ask them questions relating to the best ways to plan for a future.