Market Needs


Anticipating Market Needs To Ensure Business Success

When you first imagine your business it is important for you to determine whether or not your business actually fills a need or a want in the market.  The reason many businesses fail in their first year is because the entrepreneurs failed to realistically define the market. This happens because a market was hot a […]

5 Customer Service Myths that could be Driving Away Valuable Business


Being nice to customers can notch up profits as well as establish your business as a professional, efficient enterprise. However, there are several myths associated with customer service that could end up driving customers away instead. Here’s a closer look at some popular myths regarding customer service. Modern good customer service means connecting with customers […]

Building Customer Service Into Your Business Culture


‘It’s not the employer who pays the salaries, he only handles the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.’ Henry Ford. Have you walked into a store and found that no one is interested in serving you? Have you called a business to complain about a product and ended up waiting for an eternity […]

Tips to Boost Productivity While Working From Home


While working from home sounds fantastic, it can be very hard to stay productive. From having to deal with endless amount of distractions to remaining self-motivated, it takes a lot of discipline to remain effective. Here are some great work from home tips to help you become more productive and achieve more: Start and plan […]

A Guide To Facebook Ads For Your Business

Facebook Ads

A lot of business owners are aware of the great benefits social media can have on their business. Most especially Facebook, which is one of the most affordable and effective means to market a business.Facebook is especially great for advertising because of its ability to transform the social reach of a business without causing you to spend […]

Bad Money Habits That Can Ruin Your Business  


To be successful as an entrepreneur, good money management practice is crucial. Entrepreneurs start their business with an idea and lots of energy, however as the business gets very engaging, they start to unconsciously develop bad financial habits. Here are some of those habits and how you can break them: Keeping one account for both personal and business […]

4 Accounting Tools To Use For Your Business


Many entrepreneurs especially the non-accountants tend to cringe at the thought of bookkeeping for their business. However, we cannot rule out the importance of this activity. Not only does it give us a quantitative picture of the health of our business, it shows the true financial position enabling us know if we are making profit […]