Nine Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking That Job Offer


You went for a job interview, and it went well (you even asked the interviewees questions). When you get the offer, you are excited because this means less financial stress, a chance to leave the house every day and something to challenge you on a daily basis. But, you must be careful because in the midst […]

Five Questions You Should Ask During An Interview


Unless otherwise stated, job interviews are not supposed to be one-sided. While it is normal for a recruiter to ask questions during an interview, it is necessary, if not essential, that interviewees ask questions of their own in return. As a potential employee, you should ask questions to: – Ensure that the interviewer has no […]

Important vs. Urgent: How To Prioritise Your Time


20% of the average workday is spent on ‘crucial’ and ‘important’ things, while 80% of the average workday is spent on things that have ‘little value’ or ‘no value’. This is a statistic from research done by a time management expert in the United States, but it applies everywhere in the world. What is the difference […]

Why Work-Life Balance Should Not Exist Anymore

work-life balance

“People find it hard to balance work with family, family with self, because it might not be a question of balance.” – David Whyte Have you heard of the concept of work-life balance? It is described as “proper prioritizing between “work” (career and ambition) and “lifestyle” (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development/meditation).” These days, it […]

It’s Okay To Have Diverse Interests

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question children are asked. Most give enthusiastic answers, no matter how absurd, but few of them follow through with what they say they want to be. What is your passion? This is another question that people (of any age) are asked. […]

Inspiring Thoughts From Four Influential Young Nigerians

Nigeria (1)

Who says you can’t change the world at a young age? Meet four people under 30 who are changing the world one day at a time. John Boyega, Actor In his Forbes ’30 under 30′ interview, John Boyega has shown that he is not stopping anytime soon. “When I found out that 0.1% of actors are […]