Let’s Analyse This: How Tech Savvy are Nigerians?

Fashion Is Coming!

Designers are working, models are casting, the audience is anticipating, GTBank Fashion Weekend is coming! Get ready to be thrilled with a two-day fashion retail exhibition of Africa’s finest styles and trends.

The salient influence of Social Media on Nigerian Fashion

The first place I visit, whenever I’m looking for what to wear to a friend’s party or a wedding function, is usually ‘Social Media’ – Instagram to be precise. Social Media has greatly contributed to the way we view fashion in Nigeria.

6 Steps to Becoming a More Stylish Woman

6 Steps to Becoming a More Stylish Woman

You either know fashion or you don’t. Becoming stylish is more than wearing labelled outfits, you need a touch of class and individuality to every piece of cloth you wear. Let’s assist you step up your fashion style.

So you want to be a model? Things You Should know