5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Business Proposal

Your business is as successful as it looks on paper; therefore every business plan needs to be a well-informed representation of your business – as accurate as possible. Often times, small business owners lay emphasis on the physical structure of their business, paying less attention to the business plan itself, which in the real sense […]

Practical Ways to Save Money for Travel

With proper planning, learning smart financial habits and unflinching determination, you can achieve your traveling dreams.

Need a Bank Loan for Your Small Business? Here are 7 Things You need to know

Every business needs finance to start up, manage and expand, no matter how big or small. However, large businesses are usually more advantaged when it comes to getting bank loans due to a long-standing credibility.

3 Ways to Cut down Stress this Summer

3 Ways to Cut down Stress this Summer

Having a truck load of activities on your to-do-list this summer sounds like fun. However, remember to factor in things that will significantly cut down your level of stress, because the core of holiday is ‘rest.’

Rainy Day Savings: Five Ways to Save for Unexpected Events

Making money takes a lot of hard work, while saving it takes a lot of discipline. However, you need both hard work and discipline to be successful. It is usually advised to save towards a project in view as well as for unplanned crisis.

How to Have a Fun Summer Holiday with Your Family

A family holiday should be a family decision; it’s as simple as that. Get your kids’ input – and that of anyone else who’s joining you.