GTBank has become a nursery bed for stories and memorable experiences for, while the Fair was ending, several other stories could surely be beginning. Stories of inspiration: New businesses would emerge in the coming days, inspired by the GTBank Food and Drink Fair; already existing businesses would dream new dreams, aim for new heights, new vistas, and gain renewed passion.

Your Business Can Start With Your Friends, But It Shouldn’t End There.

Ada Souzey’s Nigerian Hustle

My Nigerian Hustle

Your business needs support, and this blog is dedicated to providing the support you need to grow and succeed in your business. Allow it to tell your story.

Ready to Learn More About the Business of Food Retailing?

At 21 , an age where many are still unsure of their career path, Tolu Erogbogbo, popularly known As Chef Tolu Eros, bought his first restaurant.

Planning to Start a Restaurant? Read This.

All questions about starting a restaurant business will be addressed by Chef Brian Malarkey at the GTBank Food and Drink Fair holding on the 30th of April and 1st of May.

Want To Become a Chef? Meet The Chefs.

The GTBank Food and Drink Fair will afford you the rare opportunity of encountering all the people relevant to your proposed field of work in one location.