Finding A Place to Live in a Big City

At some point, almost everyone would have shopped, would be shopping, or will still shop for a new place to call home. It can be easy or difficult, depending on your awareness and social network.

SemseY: A Nigerian Hustle

SemseY is a proudly Nigerian and West Africa-focused company which manufactures and retails natural, handcrafted skincare and bath-time products.

Have You Seen Olumirin Waterfalls?

With over 50,000 visitors recorded in 2014, Olumirin Waterfalls is the most visited natural tourist site in Nigeria.

Hours Are The Bricks of a Life Span; De-stress Your Hours, De-stress Your Life

From 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, 24 to 60 years… that is a big chunk of any individual’s life. It is unwise to spend that chunk enduring or merely coping with unpleasant situations in hope that the hours beyond 5pm, the weekends and retirement would provide some respite.

Have You Seen Yankari?

Yankari, the heart of the West African Savannah. A place where beauty waits…


GTBank has become a nursery bed for stories and memorable experiences for, while the Fair was ending, several other stories could surely be beginning. Stories of inspiration: New businesses would emerge in the coming days, inspired by the GTBank Food and Drink Fair; already existing businesses would dream new dreams, aim for new heights, new vistas, and gain renewed passion.