Have You Seen Nigeria: Shere Hills

Jos, Plateau, is home to some of our country’s most striking historic and natural attractions.

Jos, Plateau State, is home to some of Nigeria’s most striking historic and natural attractions. This amazing city is home to the ancient Nok culture, Rayfield resort, the Jos national museum, Jos wildlife park, Kurra and Assop falls, and many other landmarks all set against the backdrop of the rugged terrain that is common to North-Central Nigeria.

A few kilometers from the heart of the tin city, and a turn from the major highway, one is blessed by the awe inspiring view of Liberty Lake, beyond which lies the famous Shere hills. This scenic collective of fascinatingly balanced boulders, reaching a height of about 1,829 meters above sea level, offers a fantastic aerial view of the City of Jos and all its treasures.

Get your boots on and let’s hike to the top of these stunning heights

 So, how much longer will you keep viewing all the wonderful locations in our “Have you seen Nigeria” series and not visit them? Time to end that now. Write Jos into your must-visit-before-the end-of-2017 list. If you’ve been there before, how about a second dance with J-town? Or a third?  Also waiting for you is Babban Gwani, Calabar, Gubi lake and many others. If you know any other place in our beautiful country that needs to be featured, you can take the mantle and share it with us. Visit the sites, take pictures, and slide into our email digital@gtbank.com to share them with us. We can’t wait to hear from you.