GTBank​ ​Fashion Weekend:​ ​How Danessa​ ​Myricks remodelled a face​ ​at​ ​her Masterclass

In the course of Danessa Myricks' masterclass at GTBank Fashion Weekend, she made a model up within a space of 15 minutes while answering questions from the crowd. Here's the outcome.

The masterclass of Danessa​ ​Myricks, America’s finest make up artiste, was one of the most interesting class at the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

In Nigeria, make up is one important aspect of fashion that has almost become a necessity for most women and this was evident in the turn out of people who attended Danessa​’s class.

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The 48-year old single mother shared her experience as a make up artiste and her journey so far. Growing up, Danessa​ ​was not one of those girls who loved make up, neither did she have the opportunity to look as pretty as she would have love to, coming from an average black-American family.

Her life was going pretty well until the company she was working with packed up. Danessa was 30-years old at the time and didn’t know how to navigate from there. However, she saw make up as the next big thing and her best shot since she wanted a successful career. She was working in a publishing house, and realized they always needed make up artists and photographers, so Danessa felt she could be a multi-faceted career woman. She went on to learn make up, hair styling, photography, and more.

Prior to that time, Danessa had no make up experience, but from books and self-tutoring, she has built an empire which big brands now consult for make up, hair styling, photography and masterclass sessions.

“Initially, I worked for free, painting every face that gave me the opportunity. That way, I was sharpening my skills, meeting more people and gathering clients,” she revealed. “Today, I travel around the world teaching thousands of people. I also produce tutorial videos, which started from 10 copies to 100s and thousands that are sold all over the world.”

In the course of her masterclass at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, Danessa made a model up within a space of 15 minutes while answering questions from the crowd. Surprisingly, the make up turned out to be one of the most elegant and amazing nude touch ups the audience have seen in a while.

Danessa shared the different techniques and products needed to achieve different looks and the audience wished the class lasted longer. All good things surely have an end, and Danessa’s masterclass ended on a good note.