It​ ​was​ ​an​ ​​All​ ​Socks affair​ ​at​ ​GTBank Fashion​ ​Weekend

Unlike dresses, shoes, and bags, socks is a forgotten piece of clothing. Nonetheless, it was an All Socks affair at the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

Unlike dresses, shoes, and bags, socks is a forgotten piece of clothing. Nonetheless, it was an All Socks affair at the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

The event area had a host of Lagos residents, guests from different parts of the country and foreign tourists, who came to shop, sell, learn, network and participate at the two day event. There was a variety of fashion items to buy, and socks were not left out.

Among the 90+ vendors who exhibited at the event, one of the business brands that caught our eyes was All Socks, which displayed different sizes and all colour shades of socks for both adults and children.

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All Socks (@AllSocks_on Instagram), was a first time Vendor at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, and had good patronage at the event. Speaking with the business owner, Oluseyi Akigbogun, he shared his story on how he became a socks merchant, an under-rated aspect of fashion.

Oluseyi was one of those guys who never really paid attention to the kind of socks he wore underneath his shoes, and didn’t always find nice pairs whenever he needed to shop for socks. However, after a friend of his got him a pair of good quality socks from the United Kingdom, Oluseyi developed a keen interest for socks.

He started out by selling imported products, but later went into full production of the items himself. Today, All Socks produces en mass for schools, private and corporate organizations, football teams, as well as individuals.

They have a physical store at Allen Avenue, Ikeja-Lagos, and an online store on SMEMarketHub, where every single piece of item displayed is tailored to give comfort, warmth and style to its wearer.

All Socks is quite affordable with a price range of N2500 to N8,000 per pair. Oluseyi is working towards a luxury brand where a higher quality of All Socks would be made for the elites at a price range of N15,000 to N20, 000 per pair.

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Asides being a fashion entrepreneur, Oluseyi Akigbogun is a philanthropist. He conducts community services by giving out free socks to students in primary and secondary schools around Lagos. He has been doing this for a while, and intends to make it a monthly affair.

Being a part of the GTBank Fashion Weekend did not only give All Socks more visibility in the fashion industry, but also a platform to meet and connect with other business owners as well as more clients. During the event, All Socks got an immediate order to supply stockings and pantyhose to one of the exhibiting designers whose models needed the accessory to compliment their looks.

We all need a good pair of All Socks bright and beautiful, so when next you are shopping (physical or online), remember to add socks to your cart, bearing in mind that it is an important piece of clothing.

For high quality pieces, visit All Socks online store HERE.