Orange Words: Shoot your shot or crush your crush?

So I used my last straw to shoot my shot but got shot back without a shoot.

It was the first week of a new month

Maybe one moon after June fourth  

I was hoping to be really friendly at work

Never knew I’ll meet someone who rarely talks.


The moment I walked into lunch room with my crew

I knew I liked you but not for an instant screw

I held my peace even though I was kinda trippin

Ladies rule! don’t let it show, get some gripping.


I felt so fly after our first ‘Hi,’ and the petty talks got me high

High on what? Music, Lust or love?

Not too sure, but I have a clue

I’m high on Crush, that orange drink from way back 90s.


Several weeks and months have been gone

Yet we are so far from being done

I’m pretty sure of the uncertainty

We will be ‘just friends’ even after eternity.


But My mama says ‘be a lady’

My friends say ‘shoot your shot’

My daddy says ‘grow up baby’

And my heart says ‘use your guts’


So I used my last straw to shoot my shot 

but got shot back without a shoot

Not even a ring back from my dear

That shot must have been a bad idea


Been waiting for the silence to be over

So I can breathe and start all over

Still hoping you’ll respond from the blues

Cos you’re awesome and I’m attracted to you!