Staying safe in Nigeria; these emergency contacts will help you

In recent times, there's been a national security upgrade in Nigeria. However, some things might go wrong when you least expect. This is why you need to be alert and equipped with these emergency tips and phone numbers.

In recent times, there’s been a national security upgrade in Nigeria, however, even after taking extra care, some things might go wrong when you least expect.

We care about your safety and comfort during your stay in Nigeria. This is why we need you to be alert and always prepared to handle any situation at any time. You can be your own security as well as use the help of some other homeland emergency services whenever you need them.

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First, here are some safety tips you’ll need.

  1. Stay away from overcrowded areas
  2. While in public, keep your phones and gadgets in hand to avoid pickpocketing
  3. Double-check that your car windows are wound up and doors locked anytime you step out
  4. While driving, avoid ‘service lane’ except you are making a stop or turn
  5. While on a lonely highway, watch out for trailing cars via your rear mirror and never allow them overtake you
  6. Minimise your social media update of your whereabout
  7. Turn off your location map
  8. Always move around with little cash and a backup – your ATM Card
  9. Memorise at least one Nigerian phone number belonging to a friend or family member
  10. Drink responsibly.

Lagos Emergency Services (Police, Fire Service, Ambulance, Domestic Violence) – Call 767 or 112

State Security Service (SSS) – Call 08132222105

Federal Road Safety Corps – Call 122 or 07002255372

GTConnect Customer Care – Call 0700482666328, 08029002900, 08039003900

Airtime top up – Dial *737*Amount# from the Nigerian line linked to your GTBank account.

Enjoy your stay in Nigeria!