2018 Goals; It’s never too late to get back on track

Writing the goals was easy but the story changes after a few weeks of dedication. This is the story of millions of people across the world who started the year with amazing resolutions. Not to worry, you can get back on track, here's how.

Writing the goals was easy; You were basking in the haze of the holiday spirit and promised yourself you will jog every day, cut out alcohol, save more and sleep more. But three weeks ahead, with workflow hitting you from every side, your pocket running dry, and the growing pressures of modern living, you have given up. This is the story of millions of people across the world who started the year with amazing resolutions.

So what next? Give up and wait for 2019? No way! You can get back to track. These tips will help you.

Firstly, Believe in yourself.  So you tried and failed on January 2 or January 24, don’t let that make you doubt your ability to succeed on those plans. Doubt is a nagging voice in your head that will resist personal growth with every ounce of its being. The only way to defeat it is to believe in yourself. Who cares if you’ve failed a time or two? Try again today, but better this time.

Secondly, Re-structure your goal, instead of ditching your goal, try re-framing it. More often than not our new year resolutions are for specific activities like that “jogging every day” rather than the larger picture. Instead of focusing on the bigger picture, which is sometimes unclear, narrow it down to the actual goal, “jogging every day,” sleep more, etc.

Thirdly, Slow and steady works. Small changes stick better because they aren’t intimidating (if you do it right, you’ll barely even notice them as they become a part of your lifestyle). If you have a lot of bad habits today, the last thing you need to do is remodel your entire life overnight. Want to lose weight? Start it with the crash diets and excessive exercise plans. Instead of following a super restrictive plan that bans you from having fun, add one positive habit per week. For example, you could start with something easy like eating more vegetables during your first week. The following week, you could move on to drinking more water every day. And the next week, you could aim to eat a fistful of protein as your meal.

Fourthly, Keep track of the pursuit of your goals. Maintaining a written record of your track progress will help you sustain a positive attitude. All you need is a notebook and a pen. For every workout, record what exercises you do, the number of repetitions performed, and how much weight you used if applicable. Your goal? Do better next time. Improving your best performance on a regular basis, and you recording the process, offers you positive feedback that will encourage you to keep going.

Finally, Be open about your goals. It can be hard to stay motivated when you feel alone. Let your friends and family join you on your improvement journey. Post a status on Facebook asking your friends if anybody would like to be your gym or accountability buddy. If you know a co-worker who shares your goal, try to coordinate your lunch time and go out together so you’ll be more likely to make positive decisions. Join a support group of like-minded folks on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or in real life. Strength in numbers is powerful, so use it to your advantage.

Loosing weight is just one of the most trivial but difficult goals to achieve, if you can beat ace it, you can achieve any goal.