Orange Words; Let’s Run Away

Take my hands and let’s run away to the edge of the world.

Take my hands and let’s run away,
Let’s run to the edge of the world.
We’ll leave ordinary behind
And take only things legends and myths are made of
We’ll go to lengths only lions go, rise to heights only eagles see
View the ocean through the eyes of a dolphin
and hear the soul of the universe
in the crashing waves of the pacific at midnight.

We’ll learn we are one with the trees in the Amazon
and that the kangaroos in the plains of Australia are
our long lost brothers
We’ll discover the earth was our first mother
and our father isn’t in the sky
but in every one of us.

We’ll find angels in the dark street alleys of Haiti
and discover we are the angels we found.
We’ll crash a traditional wedding in Thailand
and dance with the locals getting drunk on life
as stars light up the Bangkok sky
We’ll get married ourselves on Christmas day
in an old church in Buenos Aires
and honeymoon in a new house in Nairobi
filled with old wine and old books.

Let’s run away
we’ve been standing in the same spot for so long
seeing the same view from the window for ages.
Let’s run away to the edge of the world
and come back home with new eyes.

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