Welcome Back Treat: A Smart Move on the First Day of School

Sending your child to school with little goodies for the other students in class is a good way to break the holiday ice and encourage the other kids to warm up to your child. We have some cool ideas for Welcome Back treats.

Whether it’s a dinner treat or a Welcome Back Treat, everyone likes free treats! Sending your child to school with some goodies for the other students in class is a good way to break the holiday ice and encourage the other kids to warm up to your child. It also helps your child settle in nicely in school as well as gives you a platform to build good rapport with your child’s teacher.

Just in case you are wondering what to do for your child’s first day in school welcome back treat, we have some cool ideas for you.


Children love candies and they are quite inexpensive. You can give your child a pack of colourful candies to give his or her teacher so it can be shared with the kids in class. This way your child is indirectly gaining favour in the sight of his or her new classmates.


With the help of your child, you can create a set of small-sized cards using different colours of cardboard paper with some nice words on it. The cards can be personalised if you already know the name of your child’s classmates and teachers.

Examples of Welcome Back  cards for the kids (Signed by your child)

  • Hi Friend! I’m glad to share a new class with you.
  • Welcome Back to School. Hope you enjoyed your summer holiday.
  • Wishing you the best school year ever!

Examples of Welcome Back cards for the teachers (signed by you)

    • I have been waiting to meet you in person. Thank you in advance for being an amazing teacher to my child (insert child’s name).
    • You are the best thing to happen to my child (insert child’s name) this new school year.
    • It’s going to be an awesome new school year for all of us.
    • Let’s get this new school year started on a good note!


A child can never have too many pencils or crayons. If your child is between the ages of 3-10, you can get his or her classmates some colourful pencils, erasers and even one-page storyboards. This welcome back treat will be well-appreciated by the children as well as their parents and will still be remembered long after the first day of school.

Chocolates and cupcakes.

Chocolates are amazing gifts to kids, same with cupcakes. You can get creative with the cupcakes; write alphabets or questions on it that can drive academic conversations. It’s up to your child’s teacher to look for ways to make the eating fun depending on what you come up with.

Be rest assured that you are not being too extra to engage in any of these Welcome Back Treats. On the flip side, it shows you are an amazing parent who cares about your child and the people around him/her.

Get ready to have an awesome new school year!