I took my time to read through and I must say it was a well written piece that not only informs but also inspire one to do more yet am going to be asking you to provide us with more information on how we can increase our cash flow because I have found out that the major challenge isn’t on how we spend our money but more on having limited supply of money and while I would want to repair the leakages in my financial tank, am more interested in having my financial tank run to over flowing, once again, the informations you have provided are great. Thanks

Thank you for this, insightful.

For an average Nigeria to keep records of Cash Flow is quite an herculean task. This is so because we have been so brain washed by some of our religious leaders and you know for sure that most of us are seeking for miracles and not the miracle worker itself.
it’s high time we went back to the drawing board and teach our kids right from home at their tender ages the essence of Cashflow and you can bet they will keep straight positive cash flows.

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