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Is their age limit for admission as intern.
Robert Lopatin went back to the university to study medicine in the U.S.A. at age 51.He graduated as a medical doctor at age 56 six and started practicing medicine.Is this possible in banking and in nigeria.Will GT BANK allow a 50 year old qualified banker and business administrator to be an intern?

Loads of young people want to achieve great things but there are so many limitations it would almost seem like the world is against them.
There was an intern position that was applied for that goes with the job description that I love. It’s about working with an organization that was looking to better the social and economic situation of the country. I applied for this position and wrote a detailed cover letter conveying my interest in that sort of job and I didn’t get the job for some reason.
My point here being too many limitations and sometimes, companies and organizations not seeing the bigger picture is a huge problem.
Interviews should be an avenue for companies to see how genuine applicants interest in, not how much they know about their company or what percentage of profit they would generate. Someone who is genuinely interested in a job would naturally bring in the profit and achieve the organizations objectives, no debate.
Companies should never forget that passion triumphs all the time and they what they should look for in their future employees should be genuine passion for the job. All others follow