The Evolution of Communication and Payments

Habari is an example of reimagining the role of banking and driving innovation in how customers are served because, consumers ‘don’t need banks, they need banking,’ and other products that will enable their lifestyle.

GTBank Launches Habari, Nigeria’s Largest Platform for Music, Shopping, Lifestyle and More

Built around the everyday lives of customers, Habari is the first mobile platform in Nigeria created by a financial institution that focuses on enabling people’s needs and lifestyles rather than providing a limited bouquet of regular banking products.

The 2018 Gtbank Fashion Weekend: It Starts With a Vision

For us, there could be no greater value than empowering small businesses and providing exciting lifestyle experiences for our customers.

Day 2: The 2018 GTBank Fashion Weekend Runway Show, Meet the Designers

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Day 1: The GTBank Fashion Weekend, Meet the Runway Designers

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Express YourSelf With Nai’vasha Johnson at the GTBank Fashion Weekend

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