It​ ​was​ ​an​ ​​All​ ​Socks affair​ ​at​ ​GTBank Fashion​ ​Weekend

Unlike dresses, shoes, and bags, socks is a forgotten piece of clothing. Nonetheless, it was an All Socks affair at the GTBank Fashion Weekend.

Henna’s​ ​Gorgeous Inking​ ​goes​ ​viral​ ​at GTBank​ ​Fashion Weekend

The Henna’s Place, one of the vendors at the GTBank Fashion Weekend craft market, made it a duty to create beautiful patterns of henna body art on the hands of the many ladies who wanted it.

Why LaQuan Smith’s runway exhibition at GTBank Fashion Weekend was a hit

Celebrity stylist and designer, Laquan Smith, had one of the most talked about runway exhibition at GTBank Fashion Weekend. Check out what made his showcase a hit.

StunnerGrey:​​ ​Meet 18-Year​ ​Old​ ​Business owner​ ​who​ ​sold​ ​out​ ​at GTBank​ ​Fashion​ ​Weekend

An interesting story of David Wundu, CEO and Creative Director of StunnerGrey, a men’s wear brand that produces and sells neck ties, bow ties, and lapels made from unique African fabrics.

Highlights Of GTBank’s Fashion Weekend Day Two

While fashion lovers and industry insiders were still trying to catch their breath from the runway splendor, fun networking, enlightening classes, and amazing retail experience of day one, day two dawned on us all.

GTBank Fashion Weekend 2017, Highlights of Day 1

Check out these amazing bits and pieces of everything that happened at GTBank Fashion Weekend 2017.