Orange Words; Let’s Run Away

Take my hands and let’s run away to the edge of the world.

The challenges of being a Fashion Model: How to overcome them

Behind the glamour, makeup, photo sessions and magazine covers, lies a lot of pain – the reality of being a model. This article highlights some of the challenges models face and how to scale over them.

GTBank Awards Nigerian Students with the GTCrea8 Education Support Grant

GTBank is awarding Nigerian Students with the GTCREA8 Education Support Grant, in order to support their student lifestyle and ease some of their financial burdens. How to qualify!

Single Tasking Day; It’s time to focus on one thing at a time

With so many gadgets and apps at your disposal, multi-tasking has been made easier. However, doing so many things at the same time is not as effective as doing one thing at a time – single tasking.

Valentine Is Coming! Are you ready?

Valentine season comes with a mix of fun and drama, especially for people who are in a relationship. However, irrespective of your relationship status, it’s time to get ready for valentine and all of its razz mattaz.

Office Vibes: Lunch in the Elevator

Lunch time was my escape route from work and the best time to exchange glances with Fred. I usually scheduled lunch to fall around the same time with his, just so his presence could serve as my appetizer.