Have You Seen Nigeria: Usuma Dam

In this place, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, a quiet kind of magic happens.

Have You Seen Nigeria: Shere Hills

Jos, Plateau, is home to some of our country’s most striking historic and natural attractions.

Have You Seen Nigeria: Dass

Our quest to shed more light on the beauty of Nigeria took us to a river in Dass, Bauchi state that has an interesting story.

Have You Seen Nigeria: Babban Gwani

Where can one find a centuries old palace built out of mud and wood, adorned with colorful motifs, clothed with a rich history and created by a master builder under mysterious circumstances?

Have You Seen Nigeria: Idanre Hills

Not many hills in the world can be said to have poems written of them by Nobel laureates. Idanre hills is one of the lucky few.

Have You Seen Nigeria: Calabar

What’s not to love? Clean streets highlighted by lush greenery, historical buildings and monuments, wide markets selling everything from fresh fish to Afrocentric art, the biggest carnival in Africa, and a warm and welcoming people.