6 Things Nigerians Living Abroad Miss Badly

There is no place like home. What do you miss the most about Nigeria?

Lots of Nigerians leave the country for education, business and career opportunities, and in search of new experiences. However, there are quite a few things that you may miss as a non-resident Nigerian. Yes, you may have taken these things for granted while here, and even though you don’t miss them now, sooner or later you will crave these things all over again.

These are some of the things you will surely miss:

1. Nigerian Climate

The weather condition in Nigeria is beautiful. There is no need to worry about snow, hurricanes, tornadoes and extreme conditions. The sun may be scorching sometimes but it is better than the fear of unfriendly weather conditions outside that some foreign countries experience.

2. Daily Lagos Scenes

There is nothing as interesting as Lagos city’s daily hustling. It’s been said that, “If you can live in Lagos, you can live in any other city in Nigeria (and the world at large).” People living abroad miss the daily scenes of Lagos – the sights and sounds, the street vendors, jumping buses, street dance performances and many more.

3. Street food

Nigerian street foods have a unique flavour that you can’t find anywhere else. For instance: Home-made Akara has a local taste that you won’t trade for anything, it’s particularly delicious and the aroma smells good. Fried yam, bole(roasted plantains sold by the streetside) and mama put dishes are not something you’ll stumble on in most foreign countries. Also, buying stuff on traffic is a big miss, as sometimes you can buy depend on traffic purchase for a week without going to the market.

4. Market haggling

You may never know what you have until you have travelled abroad and discovered how difficult it is to bargain on some items because they come with price tags. In Nigeria, you can easily buy very affordable goods without price tags based on your negotiating skills. You have the freedom of down pricing goods with the seller which is what you may never experience in malls and supermarkets abroad.

5. Affordable housing

Life in Nigeria may not be so rosy when compared to the life outside the shores of Africa, but when you calculate how much you are spending abroad and what half of that money can fetch for you in Nigerian housing, you would love to jump the next air plane to live in Nigeria again.

6. Family and Friends

You definitely miss your family and friends, even if you have a few over there. Your relatives, childhood friends, and even neighbours back in Nigeria will always be in your memory and on your must-see list. This also comes with missing what these loved ones do for you voluntarily without you asking.

There is no place like home. What do you miss the most about Nigeria?