The First 3 Years of Self-Financing Your Business

When running a business, the first three years set you up for future success. Therefore, if you are self-financing, or crowdfunding, this is how to prepare yourself for financial success during these first three years of your business

7 Things to Expect at the 2018 GTBank Food and Drink Fair

It’s the countdown to the GTBank Food and Drink Fair – the largest food exhibition out of Africa. There is a lot to look forward to at the event, however, here’s a rundown of seven interesting things to expect at the 3-day event.

Destination Africa: Building Food Tourism in Nigeria

On a par with any other cultural, geographical or historical attraction that Nigeria has to offer, Food holds a massive potential to boost tourism and drive economic growth and development. Hence, it’s in our collective interest to champion it.

Fresh Food: A better option for healthy living

It’s no longer news that eating fresh food is “better” for you but, do you really know why? What’s the difference between a potato gotten from the grocery store and one grown in a garden or purchased at a local farmer’s market? Find out more about healthy living with Fresh food.

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