Food Festivals Around The World You Should Attend

These gastronomic revelries could turn even the most conservative eater into a culinary adventurist.

Food festivals are more than just a foodie’s gathering, it is “paradise”. Surfeit with mouth-watering cuisines, packed with exciting chefs and crawling with food enthusiasts, gastronomic revelries are one place that could turn even the most conservative eater into a culinary adventurist.

Among the best places to experience the cultural diversity of a place and people, Food festivals are number 1 on the list, and like everything in life, they come in different sizes. Here are some of the biggest and most exciting Food Festivals in the World you should plan to attend at least once in your lifetime.

Pizza Fest – Italy


Every September, pizza lovers from around the world gather together in Italy, the birthplace of pizza, to celebrate the biggest pizza fest in the world. Thousands of visitors get to munch over 100,000 kinds of pizza during the week-long celebration and also get to attend pizza-making workshops. 

Food and Wine Festival – New York


Your taste buds can never get bored during this four-day celebration of food, wine and music in the city that never sleeps. With renowned chefs, vintners, and stakeholders in the food industry, this festival is no doubt the biggest food fest in New York City.

GTBank Food and Drink Festival – Nigeria

Photocredit: GTBank

Since its inception in 2015, food lovers look forward to the annual GTBank Food and Drink Festival; a showcase of Africa’s finest cuisines and renowned food experts. The GTBank Food and Drink Festival gives food business owners a platform to promote their businesses while catering to 250,000 attendees from all around the world.

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Running from Sunday 28th April to Wednesday, May 1st, 2019, the GTBank Food and Drink Festival holds its 4th edition in the metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria at Plot 1 Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island. For more information on the Festival, click Here.

Taste of London – United Kingdom


This large food fest showcases the best chefs, dishes, intercontinental cuisines and mixologists from around the world. The taste of London holds twice a year and there are usually tons of things to do, which include live musical concerts, chef masterclasses, fine wine and all the amazing food you can think of.

Dubai Food Festival – UAE NoGarlicNoOnions

Dubai is one of the Middle East’s foremost food destinations and hosts a three-week festival with the city’s most expensive restaurants in attendance. From the good old chicken wings to Kebabs and Lasagna, the annual food fest gives food lovers the chance to explore several gourmet tastings and chef demonstrations.

Vegetarian Festival – Thailand

Who says food festivals are just for meat-lovers? In Phuket, Thailand, a nine-day food festival is dedicated to vegans who love to enjoy dishes made out of vegetables, fruits, soybean, and some protein products.

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So far, “Come and Eat” has become a popular phrase used almost everywhere in the world as far as Food and Drink is concerned, thus, GTBank extends its invitation to food enthusiasts all over the world. “Come and Eat, fill up your belly with the best culinary dishes at the 2019 GTBank Food & Drink Festival.”

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