Let Us Spray: Fragrances to wear in 2018

Just like shoes and other style accessories, your outfit is incomplete without an alluring fragrance. From floral to fruity scents, check out these best fragrances to scent up your 2018 with.

Sign of the Times: Watch Brands Are Finally Taking Women Seriously

With so many watch brands for Him, the world of timepieces have been male-dominated for eons. However, women are shifting the tides and reinstating their place as the first users of wrist watches.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Banking

Using natural language processing, cognitive computing, and other components of machine learning, these are the upsides that Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers the Banking Industry.

The Five Type of Influencers Your Business Needs

When done in the right way, with the right objectives and proper planning, influencer marketing helps build consumer trust and ROI (Return On Investment). Here are five key categories of influencers to consider in your brand’s marketing strategy for 2018

Good Deeds: Ways to show love this season

What have you done for someone this season, especially a stranger or someone outside your close circle? Well, if you are yet to decide who to show love to and how, then you should try out some of these suggestions.

How to avoid online Travel Scams

When people are in a rush to secure holiday travel and accommodation, they can easily overlook scams by not paying attention to details due to the pressure, only to find out that they’ve been defrauded. Here are ways to avoid falling prey to such scams.