On your way to Obudu Mountain Resort, the most popular tourist destination in Cross River State, is a beautiful sight you might miss if you’re too engrossed with your trip. While you plan a holiday’s details to the letter, it might be cool to give a little allowance for a detour. You never know what you might find. Giving the Agbokim Waterfalls a high commercial prominence that makes it an “either-or” situation for tourists who are also considering the Obudu Mountain Resort will be a tough marketing heist to pull. So its best chance of getting seen is if holidaymakers heading to Obudu can accommodate a detour. When they see the Agbokim Waterfalls, it will sell itself to them in a way that no marketer or tourist guide can. Let’s go!

Agbokim looks quite like Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. Authorities all over the world preserve sites like this, because these places are vital sources of relaxation and refreshment for people. It is important to treat yourself to a refreshing getaway – not necessarily to anywhere far – at least twice a year. It will sharpen your acumen and prepare you for another stretch of work and getting things done. It’s June, the vegetation is green, the water table is high, why not go out and See Nigeria! When you do, enjoy yourself, then bring back memories in pictures. Send them to us.