Real Talk Season 2

It’s Time For Real Talk Season 2, Anticipate on Ndani TV

Catch the first episode of Real Talk Season 2 this August on Ndani.TV.

Ndani TV has lots of enriching shows in store for you. One of such is Real Talk, a one-of-a-kind educative and entertaining show.

The sophomore season of Real Talk takes us deeper into things that everyone wants to talk about. From entertainment stories to career issues, the show gets to the heart of the matter with insightful and exciting moments where celebrities and regular guests share sizzling ideas on a wide range of juicy topics.

Real Talk Season 2 features a brand new host, Nicole Asinugo, an opinionated writer, who is passionate about social issues. Nicole in collaboration with different guests will be bringing a fresh new vibe to the show.

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Catch the first episode of Real Talk Season 2 this Tuesday, 8th August on Ndani.TV and subsequent episodes every week.

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