5 Steps to Becoming a More Stylish Man

People notice your clothing in this order: shoes, jacket, belt, pants, and shirt. Get great tips on how to invest on your looks to appear more stylish.

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Think about the most stylish man you know in Africa – Idris Elba, Richard Mofe Damijo, your father, or your pastor – What exactly makes these men stylish? In a world of ever evolving fashion trends, how do these men stay eternally stylish and more importantly, how can you become as stylish as them. Your birth certificate gives away your age don’t let your clothes do the same. Now is the time to start showing off the stylish, wiser, sophisticated man you are, starting with these essentials.

1. Stick to the Essentials

People notice your clothing in this order: shoes, jacket, belt, pants, and shirt. Invest accordingly. If eyes are the window to the soul, shoes are the windows to your style. What are your shoes saying?

Also make sure your jacket, belt, pants, and shirt are top notch and are coordinated in the proper color. Black is a classic color but brown shoes plus brown belt combo is a way to look instantly stylish on any colour.

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2. Buying clothes that fit will solve half of your style problems

It’s okay to buy clothes from stores or designers that are larger than your body size but wearing them that way is not the way to go. Fitting down your outfit is necessary. A cheap blazer that has been altered to your perfect size can look a million times better than the most expensive blazer that doesn’t fit. If possible, always go for fitted outfits, one insider tip is to make sure the shoulder seam on your shirt sits exactly where your shoulder ends. If you can’t always find a properly fitted outfit at the store, keep your tailor close.

3. Attention to Detail

Stylish men recognize the importance of great accessories and the significance of putting the finishing touches on great menswear. Attention to detail is important; it’s the little things that are noticed and reflect personal style. Choose accessories with clean and classic shapes and colors. Never undermine a great pair of sunglasses, a great watch, a dapper hat, a colorful pocket square, or a classic bow tie. Keep things modern with on-trend variations of classic accessories.

4. Regular Visits To a Barber

While at times a chore, regular visits to a reliable barber who understands the importance and aesthetic of your personal style is a habit stylish men need to sustain. Going twice or more every month for a regular trim is integral for the maintenance of hair and lends visually towards the overall aesthetic of looks. Keep things classic by going for a hairstyle which suit your face shape and features, and stick with a barber whose work is classic and fresh.

 5. Plan Ahead of Time

It may sound basic, but planning looks ahead of time will ensure more cohesive polished styling. Stylish individuals realize the importance of details, so preparation of outfits is key for constructing looks that are well thought out and sustain integrity. Prepare outfits ahead of time by nominating appropriate accessories and coordinating pieces before occasions for a seamless construction of looks. Always look good, you never know who’s watching.