Fashion Guide for the Big-Sized Dapper Men

Irrespective of size you can look comfortable, stylish, and suave with a little savvy dressing. We’ve put together sizable advice((no pun intended)) for men on the big side.

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Countless articles, guides, and books have been written to help plus size women on the right fashion for their body type. Sadly, there are too few areas of advice for plus size men’s clothing.

A great sense of style is about dressing up in the best and most flattering way possible — without trying to distort or alter the body itself. Anything other than that is just costuming.

Irrespective of size you can look comfortable, stylish, and suave with a little savvy dressing. To that end, we’ve put together sizable advice (no pun intended) for men on the big size.

1. Fitted outfits are key: Choose clothes that fit your body comfortably. Sometimes people may be tempted to buy smaller sizes in hopes that it will pull in some extra weight or make them appear slimmer. The opposite is true.

Tight clothing makes you look bigger. Others dress in clothes that are several sizes too big, thinking they are disguising their physique. But baggy clothes don’t fool anyone and in fact draw more attention to your weight while downgrading your overall appearance and the impression you create. Instead, opt for the right fit.

2. Dress Simple: If you’ve got a big frame, you’ve also already got an imposing presence. Dress simple, so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. You can do this by keeping patterned outfits and busy graphic outfits to a minimum. Broad, solid spaces help complement your shape — Go for solid-color jackets, lightly striped shirts, and so on. For example, wearing a simple corporate shirt over a perfectly ironed pair of beige, brown or black chinos or a pair of classic denim jeans would add that certain degree of elegance to your style as opposed to wearing overly bright colors with a ton of patterns on it.

3. Keep things light: Thick, heavy cloth accentuates your size and makes you look bulky. Heavier clothing can also hold heat in, and contribute to excessive sweating, which is something that many plus-sized men need to be cautious of. Even if you don’t have sweat issues, you still want to keep your clothing light. The difference between fine wool trousers and a pair of thick denim jeans doesn’t sound like much, but when you try the pants on you realize just how significant the upgrade can be. A smooth, light fabric that drapes in clean lines is always going to make a large man look (and feel) better than something chunky.

4. Switch from Belts to Suspenders: Belts aren’t much use to men with large, round stomachs. Because the shape of the stomach becomes obvious, a circular band around it is just going to accentuate the stomach over everything.

Suspenders avoid the issue entirely, and let the trouser front fall in a smooth drape instead of bunching it up at the top. Wearing suspenders also helps keep the quality of your pant purchasing habits up — most cheap trousers don’t come with the internal anchors for suspenders. You can have a tailor add them for a couple bucks, or use metal clamp-style suspenders, but ideally you should build a collection of nice slacks that can take button-style suspenders.

5. Sport Well-Groomed Facial Hair: Bigger men are the original beard gang. A neatly-trimmed beard around the chin and jawline can really help firm up a soft-faced man’s features. You do need to be good about maintenance here — a big guy with a neat beard is going to be seen as stylish; a big guy with stubble everywhere is going to be seen as unkempt. You can’t get away with messy facial hair if you want people to take you seriously. But if you can keep it trim, a neat little goatee can sharpen up your chin, while a well-maintained on the jawline help put a more squared-off frame around your cheeks.

Do you have any suggestions about plus sized fashion? Share with us in the comment section.