Five Female Fashion Trends In 2017

With new trends setting in and old ones coming back, fashion is as timeless as it is revolutionary. Check out these Female Fashion Trends of 2017.

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With new trends setting in and old ones coming back, fashion is as timeless as it is revolutionary. In 2016, we witnessed a huge fashion swing in Nigeria, from the comeback of ripped jeans, fashionable choker necklace, to the classy female agbada trend that made the guys jealous – ladies continue to step up their dress sense in more ways than one.

Here are the dominating female fashion trends of 2017:

1. Sneakers on corporate outfits

More women are beginning to embrace the fusion of corporate and casual outfits with the trend of wearing sneakers with formal wears. Even dresses that are ideally worn with stilettos, are now worn with sneakers as this is a more comfortable way of looking smart and hot at the same time.

Although, some organizations do not welcome this look, some ladies do rock sneakers with dresses, suit, or pants to the office.

2. Ankle Socks With Heels

Lace socks with heels was a huge fashion style in the 80’s that was mostly worn by royalties and women of class. Back then, these ladies wore tight-fitted pants and had more ankle space to show, so adorning their feet with ankle socks was a nice way to add a special touch to the outfit.

These socks are back and come in various designs [laced and beaded] and comes in different colors, although black and white are the most worn.

3. Palazzo trouser

Baggy trousers have been off and on in the fashion calendar, but right now, it is vogue and ladies are doing justice to it. Suitable for both heavily endowed ladies and the moderate sizes, palazzo trousers look good on everyone when combined nicely.

4. Crop top

After it’s recent come back in 2013, crop top has been around and remain in season. It is gradually becoming a trend for every year, let’s see if it survives through to 2018.

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5. Bardot 

Off the shoulder tops and dresses are everywhere this year. The collarbone-baring neckline outfit is usually off the hook and gives a very feminine touch at all times. Bardot designs have also been incorporated into ankara fashion and they always stand out in every collection of outfits especially because of the skin they show off through colourful prints.