How to Dress like a Million Bucks

If the quote “dress how you want to be addressed” rings true for you, then here’s how to get addressed like a million bucks.

I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” — Coco Chanel

“Think like a millionaire” is a common statement that is relayed in motivational and inspirational seminars and gatherings. The statement stems from the belief that thoughts translate into reality. Many take a step further by not only thinking as a millionaire but dressing like one. Whether or not you subscribe to that school of thought, it wouldn’t hurt to look like a million bucks even when you are shopping on a budget.

To buttress it further, if the quote “dress how you want to be addressed” rings true for you, then here’s how to get addressed like a million bucks.

Go for quality over quantity: You can’t look like a million bucks without a generous clothing allowance but this does not mean you should buy everything you can lay your hands on. A smart way of achieving this is to buy one-third as many clothes as you do now, but spend three times as much on each item.” That means instead of buying five pairs of suits at middle-of-the-road prices, buy two pair of suits and alternate them when going out.  Furthermore, put on cuff-links.

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Always smell good: What does a person with a million bucks smell like? Money? Well, Not exactly, but you can bet such a person smells great. To achieve that million bucks feel, go for a great perfume/cologne. Not only will you smell good, it’ll boost your confidence and a signature fragrance is bound to make you more memorable. 

Buy a Watch: It doesn’t have to be a Rolex or Tag Heuer, as long as it looks classic and matured. Try to go for stainless steel or gold if you can afford it. Stay away from watches that are too trendy, such as ones with square faces, or digital watches.

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It’s all in the details: Details are extremely important if you want to look like a million bucks. And by details we mean everything from your pocket square and how it’s co-ordinated with your tie, to your smartphone cover. “If you’re serious about your image, you need to be aware that it goes far beyond your suit. That means realizing that your desk, your accessories, and even your smartphone’s cover need to be an extension of your professional image.

Go smartly casual: A lot of millionaires go for the casual look on weekends. Nobody wants to wear formal wear every day all day, no matter how nice it looks. However, in order to look like a million bucks, recognize that casual does not mean you have to look sloppy.

Confidence is key: “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” — Ralph Lauren. It does not matter if you are wearing the most expensive suit or dress in the world, if you are rocking such an outfit with sloppy shoulders, you’ll not be doing justice to the outfit or yourself.

Don’t focus on your “Flaws”. Your behavior and attitude towards a flaw can often draw attention to the very thing you’re trying to hide. So whatever the issue, accept it, learn to be comfortable with it and see it as your best feature. Dress smartly, use a great body spray, and walk into that room with confidence!

Dressing like a millionaire might not necessarily make you one, but it could get you a long way towards being one.