3 Things We Learnt From TY Bello’s MasterClass at GTBank Fashion Weekend

Multi-talented photographer and singer, TY Bello made a huge impact during her Masterclass at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, where she shared the Secret Behind Iconic Images. Here are 3 things we learnt from her.

Multi-talented photographer and singer, TY Bello made a huge impact during her Masterclass at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, where she shared the Secret Behind Iconic Images.

As a matter of fact, everyone is a photographer because everyone has a camera on their phone. But there are special photographers whose works speak volume and images remain iconic even after years of capturing – TY Bello is one of them in the Nigerian sphere of photographers.

TY Bello’s masterclass at GTBank Fashion Weekend

When TY Bello started photography, a lot of people didn’t have an idea of what real photography was. Back then there were only a few platforms to showcase works, but today social media has made itself available as a publishing ground for everyone who has a camera phone.

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TY Bello has photographed three seating Presidents of Nigeria, including other popular figures like Adekunle Gold, Darey Art Alade, Genevieve Nnaji, Flavor, Tiwa Savage, Charley Boy, Rita Dominic, Chidinma, Olajumoke, to mention a few. TY likes to tell stories with her pictures, and does some background research on every client before a photo session.

The graduate of Economics, who has spent 18 years sharpening her skills in photographing, shared some of the great moments of Nigerian celebrities she has captured and the stories and inspiration behind each image.

In her words, “think about your subject, what they do and where they are currently in the society, then create an image to express their essence.”

Citing popular Nigerian artiste, Davido as one of her clients, she said, “at the time it was a controversial season for Davido and people threw shades at him. So when he booked for a photo session with me, I thought of the best way to express his current status as a multi-talent and a much-talked about celebrity. I brought up a concept where I had my staff throw different colour bags at him, and another scene water was splashed on him. While Davido reacted to the throws, I captured the moments and it was beautiful.”

The question every photographer should ask before a photo session is; “how do I make a photograph that people won’t forget?”

These take home lessons from TY Bello’s masterclass answers that

1. Know Thyself

Why do you want to be a photographer?
What kind of photographer do you want to become?
Who are your clients?

2. Know your Field
Research about the art of photography, history, types of cameras, lenses, angles, editing and everything there is to photography.

3. Know your higher calling
What else can you do asides photography? Who are you and what is your purpose on earth. Discover that and incorporate it with photography.

TY Bello ended the class with a world class quote while answering a question of how she made her first million in photography. She said, “know the kind of money you want to make, love it, kiss it, walk away from it and face your work.”