5 Nigerian Hustlers to Patronise this season

It's the season of shopping and it would be great if we patronize more made-in-Nigeria products to help grow SME's and the economy of the country.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria would be less with more indigenous businesses being created, patronised and sustained. It’s the season of shopping and it would be great if we patronize more made-in-Nigeria products to help grow SME’s and the economy of the country.

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Here are some Nigerian Hustlers to Patronise this season;

Stunner Grey Neckpieces

Owned by 18-year old David Wundu, StunnerGrey is a men’s wear brand that creates and sells neck ties, bow ties, and lapels made from African fabrics.

Yomi’s Fashion Hustle; Creating Affordable Made-in-Nigeria outfits

StunnerGrey neckpieces are gorgeous, unique and goes for a flat rate of N2,500 each. Click HERE to see more beautiful pieces.

Oluwafemi’s Clothings

Oluwafemi’s Clothings meet the needs of middle class people who love to wear quality, durable, and affordable outfits – male and females. The brand majors on corporate shirts and suits and is very affordable. Check them out HERE.

Leisure Stores

For the Love of Bags, support Adeyemi’s Hustle. The young man started making bags when he realized that a lot of women love the fashion accessory and carry one everyday. He creates bags for the everyday woman and has different sizes and colours to suit different looks. Check his collections at SMEMArketHub

Àgbẹ̀ Rere Farms

For fresh vegetables and livestock; fish, chicken, ram, goat, cow, etc. Àgbẹ̀ Rere Farms is the right merchandise for you this season. You don’t need to go through the struggle of butchering as Àgbẹ̀ Rere delivers livestock in live forms and/or freshly slaughtered and cleaned up. Click HERE to place your orders.

Smoothie Express

No Hustle is Ever Smooth, Not even when it’s about Smoothies, but you can make their sales smooth this season. Order freshly squashed fruits in over 27 smoothie varieties from Smoothie Express. For a savouring taste of these tongue pleasers, click HERE.

You can also shop for other products; household items, gadgets, shoes and other fashion accessories from SMEMarketHub. 

Have a fun-filled shopping experience!