Black November: More amazing deals to grab on SMEMarketHub

It's countdown to the end of Black November, have you gotten your Christmas rice? We've got some amazing deals on rice and other items you'll need this Christmas.

It’s countdown to the end of Black November. Have you gotten your Christmas rice? How many did you get? Anyways, we’ve got some amazing deals on rice, rice related items and other things you’ll need this Christmas.

You don’t have to sweat out your skin looking for these items in different places, they are all on the SMEMarketHub, and you can place orders from any location in Nigeria.

All through the month of November, there’s been an amazing price slash on items on the hub, if you missed out, now is the best time to grab all you can before the Black November sales runs out.

Check out the following;

Rice; Get 5kg bag of Mama’s pride rice at N1,900 instead of the usual N2500. Get 1kg bag of the same rice for N500, 25kg for N8, 750 and N50kg for N17, 500.

Cooked rice is not left out if you are hungry and need to refill immediately. Get a plate of fried rice from Ofada Hut for as low as N300 per plate and other variety of rice from different stores on the hub.

You can also get rice sieve, rice cooker and rice mould on the hub at a huge discount. Click HERE to get these deals.

Kitchen utensil:

You need a complete set of kitchen utensils to make your cooking easier this season. From beautifully designed ceramics and glass plates, to cutlery sets, glasses, coolers and flasks, get them all HERE.


You need to smell good at all times, especially during Christmas. Here’s an array of sweet smelling fragrances your presence will be remembered for. Check them out HERE.

Don’t forget to sample different products in different stores on the hub before making your purchase.

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