Have you seen Nigeria?

It's not a question, it's a challenge. Endowed with a vast mass of natural tourist attractions; waterfalls, rocks, hills, wildlife, and more, check out these beautiful places in Nigeria.

It’s not a question, it’s a challenge. Endowed with a vast mass of natural tourist attractions; waterfalls, hills, wildlife, and more, each of the 36 states of Nigeria has at least one unique feature. Certainly, there are several interesting places Nigeria can boast of and these locations will not only excite your senses but will create beautiful memories to reminisce on long after your visit.

Have you seen the width and breathe of Nigeria? We have! And after touring through a couple of states across the country, we can tell you for free that Nigeria is beautiful! Join us as we take you through some interesting locations in Nigeria.

Yankari International Park

Yankari International Park can be likened to the Zanzibar of Nigeria and is located at the heart of West African Savannah in Northern Nigeria, Bauchi state. If you’re looking for a place where beauty lives, then Yankari it is. From the game reserve to the blue water body, every moment at Yankari is pure bliss. Not forgetting the Wikki warm springs, Marshall Caves, and the unpolluted fresh air Yankari offers, adventure and fun are inevitable in this place that serves as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos and other metro-cities in Nigeria.

You can also visit other places in Bauchi, like the Bipolar River Dass, Mbula Hills, and Babban Gwani, home to a 100-year old mosque. And remember to capture the moments – each and every one.

Agbokim Waterfalls

Zambia and Zimbabwe have Victoria Fall, Ethiopia has the Blue Nile Fall, and Nigeria has Awhum Waterfall, Owu Waterfall, and Agbokim Waterfall among other waterfalls. At Agbokim fall, the water falls from a height of 75 meters to a collection of rocks that have been washed clean from years of bathing under the fall. This location attracts tourists, campers, and filmmakers, who find delight in exploring the intriguing beauty and peace of the serenading atmosphere. So asides the popular Obudu Mountain Resort, Marina Resort and Tinapa in Cross River state, Agbokim Waterfalls is another beautiful sight to behold for an experience of nature at its fullest.

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Shere Hills

One of the interesting things to do in Plateau State is a tour on Shere hills. Standing on a height of about 1,829 meters above sea level, Shere hills offers a fantastic aerial view of the City of Jos and all its treasures as well as an inspiring view of Liberty Lake. The tour guide of the hill makes any visit educating with an interesting storytelling of the history of the hill, and it’s significance to the people of Plateau state. As the most common tourist spot in North-Central Nigeria, Plateau state is also home to the ancient Nok culture, Rayfield resort, the Jos national museum, Jos wildlife park, Kurra and Assop fall.

Songhai Farms

If you desire to rest in a clean serene environment that smells of nature, then visit Songhai Farms. It’s the best location for writers and thinkers, as inspiration is one of the most abundant elements that flies in the cozy air within the farm.

Taking a cue from the first Songhai Farm in Route de Ouando, Porto-Novo, Benin Republic, the Songhai farm in Delta, Enugu, Ogun, Katsina, Rivers and, Lagos states, is a combination of hospitality in an environment where modern agriculture is practised. Who knows, a visit to any of these farms might just inspire you to venture into agriculture.

Awhum Waterfall and Cave

Located in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu state, Awhum Waterfall and Cave is one place to visit. The Awhum waterfalls is a product of massive outcrop of granite rocks with water cascading over the top, forming a stream that flows out of the cave into nearby farms. The cave oozes of mystic auras and is famous to have both healing powers and the ability to dispel evil forces. Asides tourists who frequent this cave just for the fun of it, several religious groups and individuals pay homage to this location as the place where their prayers were answered.

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There are more interesting places to visit in Nigeria. To check out more info on how to book your trip down there, visit SMEMarketHub.