Motivate Yourself!

To succeed in the workplace, you need to be at you best, and you can only truly be at your best when you are motivated to work.

Why do some people climb Mount Everest, sail single-handedly round the world or bungee jump off tall buildings? Individuals are motivated to carry out such feats for different reasons.

To succeed in the workplace, you need to be at you best, and you can only truly be at your best when you are motivated to work. With the proper inner drive, everything can seamlessly fall into place. So how can you motivate yourself at the office day in and day out?

Here are tips to do just that:

Create Early Momentum

The way that you start your day will dictate the pace of the rest of your day. So it is crucial to start with a “bang”, so to speak. You need to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead as soon as you are out of bed. Then, you can ride that wave of momentum all the way to the afternoon. Psyche yourself up, go over everything that you plan on doing on that day and remind yourself that you are not only capable, you are doing it, period.

Focus on Long Term Growth

Whatever your current position, there is most certainly room for advancement. There is always some other position that you can work towards, and this can be one of the best ways to motivate yourself at work. If you are an officer strive to become a Manager. You should approach you work thinking that management is always looking for someone to promote. That usually is the case, even if it not said in public. So concentrating on your potential career growth can definitely increase your motivation to do stellar work and be at your best to ensure that you get the recognition that you deserve, and get promoted to a higher position.

Only Positive Talk

One of the main negatives of the office is the fact that you have colleagues who always speak negatively about the company, mentally, bringing down everyone around them. Needless to say, it is incredibly difficult to remain motivated when you keep hearing about the negatives of the job. There is good and bad in every office. Focus on the positive, surround yourself with like-minded people that enjoy their work and are there for a reason, and you will be guaranteed to always be in the frame of mind where your motivation is pristine. When you allow negative discussions at work to enter your mind, you subconsciously start doubting your reason for even being there, so you think you will possess the right motivation to work properly? Always be positive when it comes to your discussions about your job.

Personal Pride & Accomplishments

At the end of the day are you proud of what you have done? If you are somewhere for over 9 hours per day., this is an imporant part of your day and your life? Treat your job with pride and witness your success soar! Even if what you do is not your ideal job, there is a reason why you are doing it, focus on the reason and while you are at it, make it a joyful, pleasant experience.

Compare Yourself with Yourself not with Others

Comparing what you have and your results to what other people have accomplished can really kill your motivation. There will always be people ahead of you and what you can accomplish. Reviewing your results is important to see where you went wrong in the past and avoid similar missteps further on. But it’s also important because it’s a great motivator to see how much you have improved and how far you have come.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Face your challenges to get a real boost of motivation. Just because your mind is in box of previous experiences doesn’t mean that’s the limits of the world. Think outside the box, your possibilities are much larger. D o something new and creative, this would boost your motivation enormously.