Helping Your Child Conquer the New School Year

Welcome Back Treat: A Smart Move on the First Day of School

Sending your child to school with little goodies for the other students in class is a good way to break the holiday ice and encourage the other kids to warm up to your child. We have some cool ideas for Welcome Back treats.

Simple Change Big Impact Challenge: Creating innovations that enrich lives and communities

The Simple Change Big Impact Challenge is a CSR initiative by GTBank aimed at funding dozens of innovative ideas designed and executed by members of the general public. This article throws more light on everything you need to know about the project.

GTBank Launches Social Impact Challenge

Tagged #SimpleChangeBigImpact, the Social Impact Challenge invites individuals and groups to pitch ideas with the potential to enrich the lives of those in their community and receive funding from the Bank to execute the change. This is the latest in a long line of CSR initiatives by GTBank, designed to foster socio-economic development across the country.