At 21 , an age where many are still unsure of their career path, Tolu Erogbogbo, popularly known As Chef Tolu Eros, bought his first restaurant.

It wasn’t exactly a clear-cut path for the International Business Management graduate; he first dabbled into real estate, and then clean energy, before discovering his true passion lay in food. He recollects: “I came back in December for holiday and my mum started talking about setting up a restaurant and I had just done a business plan which was for a home for the elderly but it had everything including the food/hospitality side to it. I did very well in that course so my mum thought why don’t you write a business plan for this restaurant? So I brought all my school books and research work and started working on setting up this restaurant for her. After that she just said just do it on your own and I’ll support you. So I got really involved and passionate about it and I moved back in January 2008. I bought my restaurant a few weeks after at 21.”

Today the self-taught chef is the founder and CEO of Cookie Jar Bakery, and also the Executive Chef at Eros & Gourmet Foods.

To find out more on his inspiring journey into the art of cooking and the business of food retailing, join Chef Eros On the 30th of April 2017 at 6pm as he leads a Masterclass at the GTBank Food and Drink Fair.