Finding A Place to Live in a Big City

At some point, almost everyone would have shopped, would be shopping, or will still shop for a new place to call home. It can be easy or difficult, depending on your awareness and social network.

Big cities are always an attraction for people – especially the young. Lagos, for instance, is said to receive about 123,000 people per day, most of whom have no immediate plans to leave. Little wonder then why people are always searching for affordable houses in Nigeria’s economic capital. When it is not fresh immigrants searching, then it is people who are looking to upgrade to more spacious living spaces or better neighborhoods. At some point, almost everyone would be shopping for a new place to call home. The search could be difficult or easy, depending on your awareness and social network. Take note of these six tips; they will help you whenever that time comes for you.

  1. Tell your friends about your house hunt:

It could get really expensive and tiring searching for a house if you don’t have other people helping; imagine having to personally go everywhere yourself! On the other hand, it might just be a phone call from a friend that informs you about the best deal for you.

  1. Inspect options with a trusted friend:

When options pop up, it is always advisable to sound out the opinions of trusted friends before you commit. They will offer you larger eyes with which to scan the property. Look out for parking space: Does the apartment have one? Or would you have to park outside and make alternative security arrangements or pay for parking tickets? That increases your gross rent, doesn’t it?

  1. Test the facilities:

When considering a particular place, make sure to test the showers and other plumbing; look inside all closets, cupboards and cabinets – they could have holes that offer passage to rodents; and check all electric sockets. Then test your phone reception in every room: you don’t want to get a house that has poor reception, meaning you will not be able to make or receive calls in your underpants since you will always have to step outside.

  1. Visit again at night or after it rains:

Most people visit apartments they’re considering to rent during the day; unknown to them, the neighborhood may be a different ball game at nights. Also, you need it to rain to make sure the roof is in order. So, probe purposefully.

  1. Find out about the last tenant:

Why did they leave? More space? Will the stuff you already have or are considering to purchase fit in? Also, ensure that the electric meter has no outstanding bill that will be transferred to you once you move in. If it does, try to get the landlord to deal with that first.

  1. Read all documents carefully:

When you decide on a place, be very attentive. Where there is a written agreement, make sure to read it carefully before assenting. Always request for copies and receipts and file them properly and within reach.

In the end, moving can be grueling; or it can be fun. It can signal a fresh start or a devastating end. Whatever your style, wherever you settle, at the end of day, the most important thing is you find a place to call home.