The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” – Alexandra K. Trenfor

The GTBank Virtual Reality Studio was partially lit and quiet, the teachers calm and patient, the organisers? Maybe anxious. The children covered their eyes with their Cardboard VRs; they were about to embark on a tour of outer space. Virtual Reality. No one could tell how drawn into it the children were, or if at all they were. Then, slowly, one hand goes up. It was the littlest girl in the room.

She stood up, received the microphone, and seemed to choose her words carefully. Teachers, the organizers … everyone had their eyes on her. Her impending question seemed to hold the validation for all this: a VR experience instead of music and dance. Was this worth it? Was it a waste of time? Was GTBank right to draw children into their world of futuristic technologies? This question could answer all.

“How do you do these things?”

As the anchor person went about answering, the question soothed everyone who made efforts to set up the event. The question was the little girl’s soft bellow of approval. She was amazed. That was part of the plan; to first amaze. The other part was to inspire.

When the children finished their planetary tour with the Cardboard VRs, they were moved to the SKS VR Space for VR Games. Virtual Reality… what we can’t yet make tangible, we at least make visible, continuously tasking the human imagination to dream new dreams and break new grounds. How fitting, then, to call children in; the future is theirs! A future where the intricate turf of technology could become their playground. All the things they will make possible; all the gifts they will give to the world… inspired by this VR experience, and the giant leaps that GTBank has already made in the banking space and beyond.

After the games came a task: to build a robot. Perhaps having been thrilled by their VR tour of outer space and the fascinating games they played, the children would participate in this technology-building exercise fuelled by gratitude. And the best way to show gratitude is often to create something that some others coming after you would be grateful for. The children were divided into two groups. Conception and fabrication had been done, their task was to assemble. In the future they will have to conceive, fabricate, assemble, test-run, tweak, tweak, until they achieve a perfect outcome. The groups had 20 minutes to complete their respective tasks. Time will always be a factor. If they become bankers, they will learn that customers can’t wait to have the best banking solutions. Be the first, and be the best!

By the end of the children’s task, everyone present could agree that it had been an exciting event that ushers in Children’s Day 2017. There had been no lectures, just expositions. Technology is a wand with which we can build successful businesses, grow crops, make travel easier and faster, have fun and relax. At the prompting of GTBank, these children had looked into their different cardboard VRs and seen, perhaps, that not even the skies can put a ceiling on what they can accomplish in their lives.

When children say ‘Thank you’, well, you could say their parents have done a good job teaching them simple courtesy. But when they voice emotions entirely theirs, you will know that their good feelings have been stirred. By the time they each held the microphone to introduce themselves, their different schools, and talk about their experiences, most of them kept asking one question: “When can we come back?”