Important Things to Include in Your Luggage When Coming to Nigeria

Asides from your passport, flight tickets and Identify card which are a must have while you are traveling, there are several other essentials that you should include in your luggage when you are coming home to Nigeria.

Flight booked, bags packed, announcement made “I’m coming home soon!” There’s usually this feeling of excitement whenever you’re coming back home, not just from you but from your loved ones as well. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been away – whether it’s just 3 weeks, or as long as 15-years, it’s always a good feeling knowing you’ll be going back home soon.

If you are planning to visit Nigeria, please come well packed and prepared.

Asides from your flight tickets and Identity cards which are a must have while you are traveling, there are several other essentials that you should include in your luggage when you are coming home to Nigeria.

  1. Emergency Toiletries

While packing for your trip, remember to include tooth paste, tooth brush, face wipes, moisturizer, and deodorant in an easily accessible bag. It will come in hand on arrival at the airport after a long flight to Nigeria. The airport convenience will assist you brush and freshen up before you head out to meet your loved ones waiting to welcome you.

  1. Pack Your Best Clothes

Fashion in Nigeria just gets better and more stylish every day, so don’t come in looking drab like you are living in the stone age. Bring your best clothes, but don’t overkill it with all the designers and flashy wears – pack simple but classy clothes that show you are living the good life. Just in case you need more clothes, you can always buy online.

  1. Power Banks and Adapters

We know you are most likely coming from a place where there is 24/7 uninterrupted power supply. You may not have as much supply when you arrive Nigeria, so come prepared. Come with as many power banks as you can find, and adapters as well to plug your chargers whether you intend to stay in a family house or a hotel.

  1.  Clothes To Keep Warm

The fact that you are returning to a tropical hot climate country does not mean you should bring in singlet and sleeveless alone. Nigeria is at the peak of rainy season and it gets cold some times, especially at night. You don’t need mufflers, head warmers and gloves here, but a few covered clothes and sweat shirts will help you stay warm while you enjoy the Nigerian version of ‘cold.’

  1. Your ATM Card

Bringing home dollars, pounds, euro etc. is a good evidence of your international trips, but is that necessary? Technology has made everything easy. You do not need to worry about visiting a Bureau de change office when you come into Nigeria to exchange foreign currencies to naira. Your Dollar Master Card works on local POS and ATM machines just the same way a Naira master Card works. Be sure to stick it neatly in your wallet.

  1. Gifts and Souvenirs

It’s not how far you’ve traveled that matters but what you bring back from your travels. It will be unfair for you to come all the way back home without evidence of your travels. Buy reasonable and memorable gifts for the people you care about. Beyond candies and chocolates for everyone, consider getting your parents, spouse, kids and siblings something special – a designer perfume, artefacts from a museum, or something peculiar to where you are coming from that can’t be found in Nigeria.

  1. Novels

You need a novel to keep you company all through your long flight hours, while waiting at the airport and whenever you get bored from watching the movies on board. Depending on how fast you read, you may need to pack more than one novel.

  1. Save Some Space

Most likely than not, you would be traveling back with some Nigerian made products after your visit, so you need space for them. Although the gifts you bring home might create space for the things you’ll be taking back, you still need more space. Especially if you have a typical Nigerian mum who would fill your luggage with all kinds of local foodstuffs – from dried fish, ground Ogbono, Crayfish and more, pre-planned space will prevent you from having an extra luggage. Safe trip to home!