The Secret to Success According to 5 Nigerian Hustlers

The Secret to Success According to 5 Nigerian Hustlers

Wonder how other successful Nigerians made it from start to hatch? Here's their secret!

The shortcut to success is . . . there is no shortcut to success!

Even when people attain success that’s labelled “overnight”, behind the story are months or years of sweat, hard work, tears, and failure. People who have attained success have suffered embarrassment and sometimes humiliation but they’ve not given up.

The common theme in the stories we have featured in our Nigerian hustle stories is that success is all about action, not necessarily knowledge, but consistent action. Wonder how others have done it? Study their best practices, mistakes and key character traits to emulate them and dramatically shorten your own path to success.

Here are some of the secrets to being a successful entrepreneur.

1. Persistence: Tracy Owamagbe and Omowunmi Akande of smoothie express might be smoothie queens today but in the early parts of their entrepreneurial journey, their workplace was closed for about three months! How have they gone from that to being the first choice for quality smoothies for many? Persistence! Read more about there journey here: No Hustle is smooth, not even about smoothies

2. Do Things Differently: Sometimes it pays to break away from the conventional and do things differently from the competition. Temitope Banwo defied conventional business procedures when she opened a retail store that sold goods of all kinds for only 1,000 naira. Nothing more, nothing less. Read more about Temi’s hustle and how she built her Retail Empire 1k.

3. Meet a need and exceed expectations: Through an apt sense of observation, Josh Adeyemi noticed that bags brought delight to his wife and female co-workers. He saw the need for bags as a business opportunity but setting up a bag empire wasn’t exactly a ride in the park. He had to do more for The Love Of Bags. Read more about Adeyemi’s Nigerian Hustle.

4. Begin where you are: One of the deterrents to success is waiting for perfect conditions. It pays to begin where you are and build up slowly. Elvis Omokhegbele who started his business from a one room apartment he shared with his sisters and has grown to selling over 100,000 shirts has this to say, “Don’t wait till tomorrow, start today. It may not be easy but if you believe in it and see it through, you will almost never regret it.” For more inspiration on how to start and sustain your business read: Customized T-Shirts For All: Elvis’ Nigerian Hustle.

5. Evolve with the times: Why limit your business to brick and mortar stores when you can reach to a wider audience through virtual means? Irrespective of what you are selling, whether beads or cars, getting your business online is one step higher to success. Find out what Semsey has to say about her hustle to start up her make up brand.