Fashion style tips for Muscular guys

Working out and building up muscles is great, however, after a while it becomes a tough search for well-built guys to find the right clothes. Here are style tips for you.

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Every body frame has its own uniqueness, and the best way to look stylish is to put that exceptionality into consideration while dressing up.

Working out and building up muscles is great, however, after a while it becomes a tough search for well-built guys to find the right clothes. Your shopping experience should not be as hard as a work out session you know, make it slide easily.

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If you have outgrown your wardrobe or still struggle to fit into your new body status, this article will guide you through in developing your own personal style. Here are a few tips to help you portray your abs in a modish way:

Show off in casuals

Muscular guys look more appealing in casuals. So if you are not a collar job worker, you don’t need to suit up often, your wardrobe will be happier with casual wears that bring out the essence of your unique body frame.

There are a range of casuals for you; from shorts, to T-shirts, and jeans. Sleeveless wears are also a go-getter as it reveals all your hard work in well-toned arms.

Turn down the size

Unlike women who prefer hugging outfits, most men go for clothes that are big for them. Now you’ve got some nice abs to show off, try sizing down your shirts. If you usually wear extra large size, try cutting it down to medium.

Avoid too skinny clothes

We know you want to drag attention to those chiseled chest, but don’t over kill it with clothes that make you look like you want to burst out of it. keep it moderately fitted.

Infuse new trends

Fashion is evolutionary, so flow with the tide. Most men stick to a regular pattern, dare to be different by going weird sometimes with the latest style.

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Try to look younger than your age with what you wear; sweat pants, a pair of sneakers, pink T-shirts and face caps are not just for boys, men too can wear them

Utilize a tailor

Unfortunately, men clothes are massed produced to fit the size of an average man – you are no longer average. You may be a size 48 (for suits) but those arms won’t just slide through, and a bigger size may be too big. All you need is a tailor who will resize your clothes if you can’t find the perfect fit, or better still customize ‘wear to measure’ for you.

Find your brand

Every brand has its range of customers – petite line, plus sized, fit men, etc. Classy men know which brand meets their needs. You too should find yours.

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This will significantly cut down shopping stress as you already what to buy from who at every point in time. Although most Nigerian designers make clothes to fit every size. You can always get bespoke if you shop locally.

Well, if you can’t find anything to wear on some occasions, go topless. (Just kidding).