The salient influence of Social Media on Nigerian Fashion

The first place I visit, whenever I'm looking for what to wear to a friend's party or a wedding function, is usually 'Social Media' - Instagram to be precise. Social Media has greatly contributed to the way we view fashion in Nigeria.

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The first place I visit, whenever I’m looking for what to wear to a friend’s party or a wedding function, is usually ‘Social Media’ – Instagram to be precise. It’s likely that this habit applies to a lot of people who love to look good. Social media continues to inspire a lot in the following areas of fashion:

Easy access to urban fashion: In recent years, Social Media has greatly contributed to the way we view fashion. Unlike decades ago, when you can only experience complete fashion exposure in runway events or on TV, today all the latest fashion trends are just a scroll away… right on your gadgets.

Spotlight on Fashion Icons: There are a thousand and one fashion icons all over social media, whose pages are flooded with pictures of different looks, fashion tricks, latest outfits, fashion dos and don’ts, DIY and various outfits for sale. All you need to do is feast on social media for a few hours and your knowledge about fashion would have improved significantly. Reality celebrity and model, Kendall Jenner, currently has over 83 million followers on Instagram and 24 million on Twitter, making her one of the the most followed models on social media. Obviously, her huge following is not far fetched from a brand that she’s is building, which defines ‘trendy fashion for young woman.’

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The blogs and vlogs are also getting lots of traction on their platforms just because they know what people are interested in wearing and seeing other people wear. In Nigeria, almost everyone wants to become a fashion icon or follow one on social media so they can keep people updated or stay abreast [as the case applies] on trends like ‘who wore what to where,’ ‘who rocked it better,’ and latest asoebi styles.

Spotlight on Fashion Designers: Social media has also placed fashion designers on the spot light. It’s now easier for designers to exhibit their works online and have their numerous followers contact them via direct messages. Everything is faster now, even ordering of clothes from social media fashion retail pages.

Improve dress sense

We are in the age where people are constantly dressing up not just to look good but to impress. Social media is one place new looks are showed off as most people are very particular about the image they share with the public online, and unconsciously have social media in mind when shopping for a new dress.

Placing Nigeria on the world map of Fashion

African fashion style is fast becoming popular in different countries around the world. Foreigners are beginning to feel more comfortable with identifying with African outfits like the adire, iro and buba, akwete, asoeke, gele, agbada and more.

This has been made possible due to the fashion trends they see on social media. Also, shows like the GTBank Fashion Weekend, the Nigerian Fashion Week, etc., continue to impact greatly on fashion in Nigeria, using social media as one of its major showcase tools. Basically, any non-Nigerian who follows a Nigerian on social media knows about the popular aseobi, slay queens, Yoruba demons, and other Nigerian fashion trends.

Creating new jobs: Before the social media era, there were no jobs like social media fashion influencers, social media fashion retailer, digital fashion critic, online fashion writer, etc., but today these are terms that people can relate with. Hopefully, Nigerian Fashion will continue to grow, not just on social media but everywhere fashion is mentioned.

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