Fashion Guide for Plus-Size Females

It's really not about the size of your body, but how you carry yourself. Let's assist you achieve a big, bold and beautiful look with these tips.

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Are you big, bold and beautiful? yes? Great!  Usually, people on the big side, find it a little more complex when it comes to shopping and putting together the right outfit. Irrespective of size you can look comfortable, stylish, and suave with a little savvy dressing.

First things first? Before we talk about plus size fashion, what size is plus size? In the fashion industry, plus size refers to models who are size 8 and above, but in the real world, plus-size clothing starts from size 16.

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Notwithstanding, weather you are a size 16 or 28, you can still make eyes turn with the right combination of clothes and accessories. To assist you achieve that bold and beautiful look, here are some tips.

Belt up the tummy: Big tummy belts, called ‘abortion belt’ in Nigeria usually does justice in holding together the tummy and accentuating the hips and other parts of the body. You can also dress up without it, but remember to suck in your tummy at all times.

Embrace black: Black is known to conceal a lot of things including belly and body fat. When next you go shopping, add more black clothes than other colors as you will need them more on days when you want to appear slimmer.

Dress moderate: If you’ve got a big frame, you’ve also already got an imposing presence. Don’t look busy with too many accessories and make up. Keep it simple but stylish, you’ll look better that way.

Hug the skin: Big size women look better in fitted clothes. Choose wisely clothes that bring out the essence of your body. Caution is key as you trend in this path because over-tight and transparent outfits expose too much fat that may not be pleasing to the eyes. On the other hand, over-sized clothes make you look bigger. Simply wear your perfect size.

Keep things light: Thick, heavy cloth accentuates your size and makes you look bulky. Heavier clothing can also hold heat in, and contribute to excessive sweating, which is something that many plus-sized women need to be cautious of. Even if you don’t have sweat issues, you still want to keep your clothing light. Stay stylishly suave, irrespective of your size – wear something light!

Girdle up: With bodicons in vogue, you really need a good waist trainer and/or full body shape-wear to help you achieve a better and more defined look. However, if you want to look as trimmed in reality as you look in your shape-wears, work on your diet and with a gym instructor.

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