Henna’s​ ​Gorgeous Inking​ ​goes​ ​viral​ ​at GTBank​ ​Fashion Weekend

The Henna's Place, one of the vendors at the GTBank Fashion Weekend craft market, made it a duty to create beautiful patterns of henna body art on the hands of the many ladies who wanted it.

One of the noticeable side attractions at the GTBank​ ​Fashion Weekend was the beautiful patterns of henna body art on the hands of several ladies. It was a sight to behold.

The temporary body art, whose name is of Arabic origin, is made from dye prepared from the henna tree. Widely used in different parts of the world, Henna is mostly used in the northern parts of Nigeria as a traditional body adornment. However, in recent times, a lot of non-northerners have adopted the use of henna as a fashion signature and some sort of temporary tattoo.

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This was the case at the GTBank​ ​Fashion Weekend as one of the vendors at the craft market, The Henna’s Place, made it a duty to create a Henna fashion signature.

Owned by Hadiza Nyako Tukur and Fatima Waziri Wafailu, the Henna’s Place is an All Women traditional spa and salon, and an expert in Henna paintings. One of the Henna artistes working with the brand started the art while she was 13, and over the years have learnt a hundred and one patterns to beautify the hands, legs, back, and other parts of the body. The inking process takes about 5 minutes to create (depending on the simplicity of the design) and then a 30 minute air drying phase, after which the design stays intact for two weeks before the dye finally wears off.


According to the business owners, they made good use of the GTBank Fashion Weekend to publicise their brand.

“GTBank Fashion Weekend was a fantastic experience for us. We were able to network, sell and create a lot of awareness on henna painting and other products and services we offer, to a wide range of customers.

With a physical store in Lekki, Lagos and an Instagram page attracting over 13, 000 followers, the beautiful body arts by the Henna’s place went viral during the fashion event. Where people got inked for as low as N2,000.

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Asides creating Henna paintings, The Henna’s Place offers traditional and herbal spa services, massages and sales of natural body products as well.

Find The Henna’s Place HERE.