Meet Aduke Bey, the 21-year old Model everyone’s talking about

During the runway shows of the 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend, 21-year old Aduke Shitta Bey wowed the audience with her classy struts . Here's more to the ebony skinned model.
During the runway shows of the 2017 GTBank Fashion Weekend, over 90 models from across Africa showcased different outfits of different designers. However, one of the most outstanding models was the ebony skinned Aduke Shitta Bey, Nigeria’s finest.
Aduke believes that there is room to be the best in whatever profession you find yourself. Therefore, she gave in her best shot during each presentation at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, making her the choice of Julien MacDonald and Laquan Smith, the designers whose exhibitions she opened.
In a chat with Aduke, who just turned 21 on November 25th, 2017, she shared some of her secrets to being a successful model as well as what it takes to be a model.
“The best part of my job is the end result; if it’s a photoshoot, I get hyped to see the pictures to know if my poses work for the context,” she says. “As a model, my greatest asset is my skin, face and body, and I work hard to keep them in good condition at all times.”

Aduke’s typical day is always fun; on set with her creative director and in a jolly and happy mood, ready to make magic happen. Her career is all about Make up, lights, camera, poses, and action! Aduke loves listening to music, so music is always on set during her photo sessions.

“Asides modelling, I’m learning how to deejay as well. I love eating irrespective of my stature and I love hanging out with friends and assisting the ones who are models in planning their shoots.”

When asked how she handles pressure, Aduke says; “I take in short breaths to calm myself down, then say a prayer. When it comes to pressure from guys, I just ignore them, it’s that simple.”

Aduke shares her experience at the GTBank Fashion Weekend and why her walk on the runway was the talk of the event.

“GTBank Fashion Weekend was a very good show for me; it was fun, crazy and exciting,” she says. “I heard about the Model casting from my agency and although the selection process was quite long and hectic, it was worth it in all honesty.”

It was a long day but it was worth it ! #gtbankfshnwknd#gtbankfshnwknd2017

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“As for my presence on the runway and my walks, I have a principled routine that works for me. Before I get on the runway, I always pray, it’s a MUST. While on the runway, I don’t think about any other thing, I focus on the music and blur every other sound/thought out.”

Aduke aspires to move up the ladder in her career and advises other models on how to climb higher if they want to be successful.

Aduke wearing Laquan Smith at GTBank Fashion Weekend

“You have to be determined, prayerful and confident. Learn how to accept NO with grace, stay patient and listen to corrections. With these and a positive mindset towards everything, success will eventually be yours.”