StunnerGrey:​​ ​Meet 18-Year​ ​Old​ ​Business owner​ ​who​ ​sold​ ​out​ ​at GTBank​ ​Fashion​ ​Weekend

An interesting story of David Wundu, CEO and Creative Director of StunnerGrey, a men's wear brand that produces and sells neck ties, bow ties, and lapels made from unique African fabrics.

When it comes to business, age is nothing but a number. As a matter of experience, the younger you start, the earlier you make mistakes, learn and move on to bigger business ideas.

While touring across the lines of retail stores at the GTBank Fashion Weekend, we met a couple of unique business owners, among them was an interesting young man, whose business story is worth sharing.

His name is David Wundu, CEO and Creative Director of StunnerGrey, a men’s wear brand that produces and sells neck ties, bow ties, and lapels made from African fabrics.

18-year old David is a 100 level undergraduate of the University of Agriculture, Benue State, where he is studying Agricultural & Environmental Engineering. David, who had just graduated from High School in June 2016, wanted to get busy and make money while waiting for admission into the university. He applied for a job as a Sales Person in an Electronic Showroom, but for some reasons his application was turned down.

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Frustrated at the outcome of the interview, David decided to put the basic skills he had on sewing into use. The young chap had saved some money from one of the extra mural classes he skipped while preparing for his Senior Secondary School Examination, so without further delay, David made a few pieces of uncommon bow ties and neck ties with his N2500 savings. That was the beginning of his journey as a fashion entrepreneur, which started in August 2016.

David made various neckpieces using Nigerian Wax, Ankara, Akwette and Kente materials. He advertised them on his social media handles, and gradually, his products started gaining traction. Initially, David was just the guy who made nameless neckpieces, but after a while he coined a brand name from his nick name in high school, Stunner, and his best colour, Grey. He even made classy packaging boxes that gave his brand a better face.

Today, StunnerGrey (@StunnerGrey on Instagram), is one of the fastest growing unique neckpiece brands in Nigeria. As his smart work will have it, David heard of the GTBank Fashion Weekend on the bank’s Instagram page, which he follows avidly. He applied for a retail space immediately and was among the 90+ selected vendors who exhibited their products at the two-day event. Overwhelmed by the opportunity, David, who stays in Abuja with his elder sister, travelled down to Lagos with her to participate in the biggest event showcasing Africa’s finest fashion.

“I am so excited about this opportunity. In the course of the GTBank Fashion Weekend, I have met several business owners, whose brands I look up to and I have learnt a lot from them,” David gushes.

“The sales too have been awesome; in one day, I sold neckpieces that I normally would sell in one month, all thanks to the awesome crowd who came out to support small businesses like mine.”

Before now, David carried out his business transactions on his personal bank account. However, during the GTBank Fashion Weekend vendor’s accreditation and documentation process, he opened a business account with the help of the Fashion Weekend Team, who made sure every vendor owned one for more reputable business transactions.

“Everything was made easy, and within a few days, I was given a POS linked to by business account and a free set up retail space at GTCentre. During the event, I heard about the SMEMarketHub, a free online platform where I can sell my products to a wider range of buyers, and StunnerGrey has registered to get a store on it.”

At 18, David is already making some cool cash for himself and no longer bothers his parents for school fees and pocket money. He dreams to take StunnerGrey beyond a neckpiece brand to an all men outfit brand. Nonetheless, he cherishes his days of little beginning as a platform to save for his future plans.

“I specifically want to watch the runway shows so I can see how the runway exhibition works, because I want to be a designer,” he says.

David Wundu is a real Nigerian Hustler, we are proud of him and we wish him all the very best.

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