The Era of Soccer Couture: Nike, YOOX, Delpozo, Kolor & more are involved

A couple of designers are changing the fashion game with their latest soccer couture collections. Nike, Vivienne Westwood, Delpozo, Kolor and more are involved. Check them out!

Without a doubt, this year’s world cup was exceptional because it’s not often that soccer and high fashion meets at the same stage. Italianalian e-commerce retailer and net-a-porter mergee, YOOX, disclosed the concept “where fashion meets soccer” as the reason behind the development of its designer capsule collection, one thing was made affirmative – we had finally entered the era of soccer couture.

In honour of the recently concluded 2018 FIFA championship and in celebration of the competing nations, YOOX put together a one-of-a-kind assemblage featuring an “all-star” crew of designers who have created a 14-piece range dubbed the Soccer Couture collection.

The streetwear inflected unisex collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts which see creative contributions from the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Y/Project, Kolor, Delpozo, Walk of Shame and many others, are a unique take on the classic soccer-jersey often worn by supporters. Symbolizing the relationship between fashion and sport, the collection is an embodiment of the values of each designer’s country, their patriotism the unity that their love for soccer brings.

Going beyond just football the Soccer Couture collection by Russian soccer player Alexander Terekhov who is also one of the collection’s designers is an initiative created to support the charity Stars for Children. The organization will see that donations from each item purchased go towards supporting the children in need and helping them to become a part of sporting communities.

Although Nike did not collaborate with Yoox on the Era of Soccer Couture, the brand is a major player in the 2018 world cup with its creation of the world-famous Nigerian World Cup jersey by Nike. For the first time in a long while, Nigerians and citizens of other countries were proud to wear the Nigerian jersey, which sold out after a record 3 million people pre-ordered it from Nike. The best part of the collection was the liberty of picking your favourite design – the dark green jersey, the Ankara-inspired jersey as well as the tracksuit, unlike in past years where everyone had one option of a flag-like jersey.

From the Nigerian jersey to the other soccer couture collections, these designers made the perfect pitch-side attires; collections that make for great casual gears and can be worn just about anywhere. This means unlike the so-shiny-it’s-slimy football jerseys which you’ll have to do away with once the tournament is over, these new pieces will remain a featured staple in your wardrobe. Whether you fancy the Japanese flag-inspired red and white prints from Kolor or the “Punk” emblazoned white strips from Vivienne Westwood, Yoox’s brilliant designer collection and of course Nike’s will appeal to just about anyone which is what makes it so great.